So, you want to advertise for your site on VPD? As of right now, there are two places where you can have your advertisements posted. They are: left panel, at the bottom of the page.

Bottom Panel

This section shows up on every page. There are a total of 10 ad positions available here. The cost per ad is $ 5.00.

Left Panel

This section shows up on every non-site specific pages. There are a total of 5 available ad positions here. The cost of each position depends on the where it is. All images should be anywhere between 150px x 150px and 200px x 150px.

Please refer to below for the pricing of the ads per month:

  1. $ 30.00
  2. $ 25.00
  3. $ 20.00
  4. $ 15.00
  5. $ 10.00

Please Note: The advertisement positions are first-come first served and can be reserved in advance.

How to Buy Ad Space

As of right now, all advertisements are added in manually. So, use the contact link at the top of the page in order to start a conversation about setting up the ad space.

Advertisements Here - Use the "Contact" link for more information