Review Site Author Date Written
FIGO Pet Insurance gaireach October 22, 2017
Corepets gaireach October 22, 2017
CleanTools gaireach October 22, 2017
BreePets gaireach October 22, 2017
Link Inactive

The link leading to this website leads to an online clothing store called "Boohoo."

BooPets gaireach October 22, 2017
Not A Virtual Pet Site

This is a website that teaches you how to care for specific animals with payment.
There is no virtual pet…

Animal Jobs Direct gaireach October 22, 2017
Anatheria-A review

I started playing Anatheria in January 2015. The site's community is great and the forums are very active. You get…

Anatheria Phoenix December 4, 2015
play but be carefull

They have realy good ideas in game but execution is lame. There are bugs that make you loose your items…

BeastKeeper Chita July 13, 2015
Wolf Soul Wonja September 30, 2014
Wolf Soul Wonja September 21, 2014
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