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Atrocity is a site Owned by Ittermat that is community driven, our users can create what ever they want and have it used on site- from pets, to items, to maps, to features etc, we want your creativity to help us grow and come together as the best virtual pet site there is!

From battling, to genetic pets, to minipets you can train, battle and breed with, items to find, secrets to explore, places to go, alignments to choose...Theres never boredom on Atrocity!
We have a very retro feel with a community who cares! Everyone is welcome as long as they follow the rules!
Everyone is also welcome to submit art to the site! It doesnt matter how good or bad you are at art! Creativity is important no matter the skill!

Come join us and explore, be creative, find a home... and travel the site with your favorite pet! Make them stronger, find enemies, bring a minipet with you for extra damage! Go back to your house and Let your pet take a break! Collect tons of items, join in on site events! Win trophies and medals!
Please come join us for all the fun!


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