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Welcome to Europa where new civilization is thriving on the ruins of once powerful mankind.
Become one of the powerful Beastlords: breed and train your pets, develop a perfect genetic lines, explore the ruins of the old empire, fight and win, customize your pets, participate in the events and interact with other Beastlords. Released from beta in January 2014, we're continually developing, adding new gameplay features and content and creating different types of events.



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Reporting skins: important notice - May 8, 2016

I would like to clarify the designation of the report system for skins due to a large number of inappropriate and irrelvant reports that we got lately.

Reporting skins DOs:

  • Copyright issues (skin is a copy of another skin; skin is a copyrighted image not created specifically for BeastKeeper; skin utilizes copyrighted design)
  • Wrong color category
  • Wrong species category

Reporting skins DON'Ts:

  • Theme of the skin
  • Quality of the skin

All skins pass the manual review and moderation before getting to the skin directory. This means that all of the skins that you see in public directory have enough tech quality and themes which are appropriate for BeastKeeper. Some of the public skins submitted during beta may have lower tech quality and issues which are not acceptable for new submissions. This doesn't mean that they can be reported for their quality. They complied with the rules when they were submitted, and they won't be removed only because the rules have changed later.

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play but be carefull

They have realy good ideas in game but execution is lame. There are bugs that make you loose your items and admins don't give a s*it about it... all that they say is that there are limits of item and even if you bought items for real money they don't care about it.