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Boopets is a land full of mystery and magic. Dark magic, to be fair.
Come join us as we have given up trying to conform the site to "normal" play and now, find ourselves fitting in with the powers that rule Booville.
Boovillagers can enjoy creating creatures the likes of none found on other sites. There are games, and shops, forums and live chat.
Boovilles pets, as well as the site itself, are being totally transformed.
Pets are undergoing revamps as well as new pets being released. Items are being updated and new items are added regularly as well.
Come be part of the redirection. And, if you joined us in the past and have wandered away come see the changes and fall back into the fun that awaits you!
BooPets was, and still is the axis between heaven and hell, and the balance could tip either way at any time.



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Pet Training Badges - November 1, 2015

Pet Training for another week is now over. The Pet Trainers of the week are to be announced below.

The Best Groomed Pet Trainer Badge goes to Jobie and their pet Marinochka with a score of 446 Spotlight Points.

The Happiest Pet Trainer Badge goes to Bja99 and their pet Jenta with a score of 545 Spotlight Points.

The Well Fed Pet Trainer Badge goes to Jobie and their pet Marinochka with a score of 703 Spotlight Points.

A huge round of applause for the Pet Trainers above.

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  • Opening Date: October 15, 2011
  • Closing Date: November 1, 2015
  • Active User Count: 23
  • User Count: 5,292
  • Pet Count: 4,791
  • Item Count: 2,774
  • Vote Count: 1,318
  • Review Count: 3
  • Latest News Post: November 1, 2015
  • Last Update: January 20, 2018

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The link leading to this website leads to an online clothing store called "Boohoo."

New member(s)

I just recently found this site. I was looking for a place my grandchild could play that was fun, but not too overwhelming with activity he wouldn't understand. I also wanted something that I would enjoy playing as well so I could help him and not be bored or lost. I was able to make accounts for myself, and another for him, with no issue over shared IP. This site fit all of my (our) needs perfectly. There are members that reply when I have questions and they are not only helpful, but polite. I also see a steady presence of staff which is important. The pets are cute, and the colors are vibrant. From what I am gathering from the news posts, there is a revamping of the site going on which, is fun to be a part of. Seeing the old work, watching the new work come in.
I recommend trying the site if you want a place not too scary to jump into, not full of "cliques" already, Somewhere you can feel a part of the group and a part of the changes.

Pet/Site Updates

Recently site pets are getting updated and revamped. They are coming forward into a new modern look, gradually items on site are following the same path.
Current pet revamps are posted below with before and after views. Along with those, 3 new pets have been added to the site as well (also posted).
The sites graphic arts (buttons banners and the like) are also being updated.

Definitely worth checking out and getting into while the site is in early update stages. Be a part of the redirection!!

Pet Revamps (older, then new version)

Older Hopi    Revamped Hopi

Old Caprine Older Caprine    NEW Caprine Revamped Caprine

New Pet Releases

Scrabbrat    HorrorBonez      HorridBonez

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