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~ Pets ~
There are a few different ways to get pets.
1. Adopting
You can go ahead and click the " Adopt " button, to get started. ( Note: You can even do this as a guest! Do take notice, though, you will not be able to keep them without an account. ) - Not clickable -

2. The Pound
You can also gain pets through the pound! Beware, it only opens at random times! ( Find this through the " Adopt " button. If you wish to find it, do not click!! )
- Not clickable -

3. Trading
What's this? You can trade your pets?! WHAT?!! Yupperdoodle. Find a user, ( preferably looking to trade ), and click anything hinting at trading.
- Not clickable -

4. Adoptions Centers
Yes, people host adoption centers/pounds. Sometimes even rare pounds! You can find these in the forums ( Not the roleplay ones. ), under " Adoptables ", in " CS Free Adoptions "!
a) - Not clickable -

Yeah, so enjoy yo pets...

~ Items ~
Okay so there are 3 ways ik of to get items from...

1. The Store
Head to the store, ( With your trusty C$ ), and you can get loads of pets, and items! ( Note: Chicken Smoothie likes to hide free item bundles in the mix, too! Make sure to keep an eye out!! )

Alright this is toooooooo much. I'm bored... Wait! Fact: Tess joined:


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