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Cranterns. the world of mythology.

Hello everyone :D. i'm adverting this site first. i believe everyone it'll become fun.

some features are available here:


it's your account element. we've 12 available elements. we don't have the system for choosing elements via registering yet. your default will be constellation but if you don't want you can contact admin. oh elements are these:

Blood, Fire, Light, Air, Nature, Electric, Ice, Water, Psychic, Shadow, Constellation, Earth.


on this site we're calling mythical pets cranies because they've became unique by eating cranberries.
they'll be available to hunt in futere ;)

it's a alpha crany (hippogriff)



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Great Game!

Whatever I'm about say, isn't said because I'm a staff for Cranterns. I became a mod almost right away, but even before I did, I could really see a potential for a super good community. 
Cranterns is a tab I always have open, like right now! Bayo is incredible in the way she runs the site, and a lot of work is put into making this site. Mostly, we do Forum game stuff, and it's great! 
Our Discord is awesome too. Bayo keeps nothing from our members - they're all aware of the updates going on! Recently, some epic changes were made, such as vistas, user bios, and profile pictures. All in one day! Bayo alone!
This has definitely become my favourite site. I barely even check Chicken Smoothie anymore! 

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