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Welcome to Digis, home to an eclectic mix of real people and virtual pets. Our mega-tiny community is centered around an appreciation for creative works and the whimsical fun of pretending to raise fictional critters. Although the majority of us may be deemed too old for pet games in the real world, we fear not, because in Digi Land, nobody is ever too old for anything. 

Everyone is welcome here. However, each Digis user is fully expected to show level-headedness, maturity, and adequate grammatical skills. We have a strict no-drama, no-flaming policy. By enforcing these guidelines, Digis retains the peaceful equilibrium of carefree silliness with sophistication. 

Digis is not like other pet sites. Created by two college students, and now managed by one, we cater to busy adults by being incredibly slow-paced, simple, and completely free. Here, you can enjoy some of the basic joys of participating in a pet site without feeling pressured to keep up with any superficial markers of success. 


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