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The Wurld of Grophland is a land on the edge of a revolution and discovery. It is an age of adventure and exploration in which the Grophs, the creatures of the Wurld, pack themselves into boats and set sail for new lands, delve into the deeps of the earth and the ocean in search of treasure and mystery and quest to learn the ancient secrets of alchemy and magic. Brave as the Grophs are they are also foolish and foolhardy, and they depend on the Guidance of the mysterious Owners to keep them safe from harm.

When you join Grophland you will become an Owner, with your own cave of Grophs to feed, train, and protect. Over time you can breed and equip your own family of Grophs and guide them through quests, battles, voyages and adventures.

Grophland is a Virtual Pet Site and a Virtual World. Grophs can be Bred, equipped, dressed, and trained. By collecting special items, completing quests and breeding special types of Grophs you can gather Grophs with a variety of skills and specialisations, such as miners, gardeners, sailors, warriors and more. Just as the Grophs are exploring a new world, so you can discover secret areas, complete quests, take part in storylines, learn alchemical recipes and more. There are 1000s of items and dozens of avatars to collect, games to play, places to explore and people to meet.



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