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IcePets is a virtual pet site where you can play games, quests, and activities for hours of fun a day. Pet Closet is a favorite feature on IcePets, where you can switch back to past used pet color themes. Regular quality updates of new features and improvements. With 15 virtual pet species to choose from, hundreds of items to collect and enjoy, dozens of avatars hidden around the site, you will see why IcePets is a great virtual world!



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Revamped Covers - November 14, 2018
We've been doing a bit of autumn cleaning! What, is that not the expression?

Some more old Items have received revamps today. Enjoy the crisp new look of Sweets Are a Part of You, Caring for Your Pet, Book of Recycling, Book of Ice, and Book of Nature.

Sweets Are a Part of YouCaring for Your PetBook of Recycling
Book of IceBook of Nature

As always, these Books can be found on Ralph's shelves at the Book Store.

If you're having trouble seeing the updated artwork, try pressing Ctrl + F5.

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