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IcePets is a virtual pet site where you can play games, quests, and activities for hours of fun a day. Pet Closet is a favorite feature on IcePets, where you can switch back to past used pet color themes. Regular quality updates of new features and improvements. With 15 virtual pet species to choose from, hundreds of items to collect and enjoy, dozens of avatars hidden around the site, you will see why IcePets is a great virtual world!



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Book It to the Polls! - September 19, 2018
Thanks to everyone's hard work during the Site-Wide Questing Contest, the Warrior Trido and his Misty Isle friends had previously arranged for a Glacia publisher to print 5 new Books as a reward for completing the seventh Stretch Goal. You all came together with a lot of fantastic ideas, and it is now time for you to vote for your top five favourites.

Cheat SheetsBattle QuillMidnight Memories

Please head over to this survey to cast your vote for the five Books you would like to see brought to life by our Editor team! This survey will be available until September 26th 23:59:59, so be sure to get those votes in!

(If you do not see your suggestion there, that does not mean it was a bad idea, but merely not right for IcePets at this time!)

Editor Scrapbook

Did thinking about these great book ideas inspire your more creative side? IcePets is looking for two Editors to join our team and bring stories like these to life! If you are interested, please visit our Support Site to apply!

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