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Hey everyone! Allow us to introduce Lorwolf, an online wolf-themed pet site. Lorwolf will feature a comprehensive breeding system, customizable looks, exciting battles, competitive mini-games, and a world full of locations and rich histories to explore. Help support the creation of this game, and begin your adventure through the chaotic lands of Loria! 

Game Features: 

  • Breeding - Create your ideal wolf by breeding for specific traits, such as breed, pattern, and color. These traits are passed down from parent to offspring, allowing you to accurately predict their appearance. 
  • Customization - Customization is key with any pet game, so we included a variety of features that affect your wolf's appearance, such as pattern alteration, wearable apparel, and custom skins.
  • Combat - Face off against powerful enemies and other players in our fully-automated battling system. Lorwolf's combat requires minimal effort on your part, simply build a team and start fighting!
  • Mini-Games - Lorwolf features three uniquely coded mini-games that challenge your pack and award valuable items. Show off your best wolves by competing in the weekly Beauty Pageant, win rare items by fighting in the Gauntlet, and face off against other player packs in the Arena!  
  • Campaign - Take part in an exciting RPG adventure by questing through the four territories of Loria! Each territory will be inhabited by a variety of local NPCs, all with their own unique stories to tell. 



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