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In a time after humans have long since fallen in to small pockets of settlements around the globe life seem to become stable or so it seemed. One dark day after the wake of a bloody war and a thick miasma covered the land. Warping and twisting some of the wild life in to more stranger and more dangerous monsters. Now a small group of unlikely heroes and those whom are brave enough must fight better day. You will choose if you want to get spirited away to a adventure to help them stop the demon Naniquin or maybe it's just not your problem. ..or is it? 

Mavunova is a monster raising rpg in the vain of games like monster rancher. You will battle and train monsters and gain ranks to be the top player. You can create a character and customize their appearance. Adventure, collect, quest and meet new friends online. Meet colourful new characters and watch the story of Mavunova unfold.


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