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A virtual pet game with domesticating features. Feed your pet, take care of his health, and teach him nice figures, sentences to say, or good behaviours.

Cat, dog, turtle and rabbit available.
You can bring your pet to different places : the home, the parc, or the store. Home is the place to rest and stay when you are not here, in the parc your cat can meet other cat (multiplayer). Depending on his education and feeling the cat will behave differently with other animals (the interest of multiplayer). Your cat can be educated through Reward and Punish functions. For example you can teach your cat not to destroy couch or not to eat your flowers in the house, or even to do some tricks when your order him to do so (can respond to verbal commands, it learns from what you say, language independent)

Your main goal is to make your cat survive, and reach the age of adult. Then you have to make him have babies. The only way to get babies is to make him like the cat of other sex of another player he can meet in the parc. If you take care very well of your cat, it can has no age limit, but it needs to be 1 month old in order to reproduce.



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